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Group Entertainment

Looking for a Fun Party Idea in Lake Charles, LA?
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Do you ever wish you could put your Sherlock Holmes skills to the test with a good mystery? Instead of putting yourself in danger in real life, grab a few friends and visit Escape Room Louisiana in Lake Charles, LA. Our escape room adventures are great for parties, date nights or fun group outings. Our rooms are immersive and realistic, giving you and your friends the taste of adventure you’ve been craving.

 Pick us for your next group activity to have a fun and exciting adventure you and your friends won’t soon forget.

 Which room will you choose?

 We have two rooms for you to choose from: 

1.     The Lab, where you’re a journalist who has to figure out what is going on at a local biotech company that suddenly went dark.

2.     The Ship, where you have to escape from the ship’s prison, find your treasure and get off the ship.


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