Corporate Outings

Corporate Outings

Choose Escape Room Louisiana for your team building activity

Instead of using a run-of-the-mill icebreaker, why not try something a little outside of the box?  Escape Room Louisiana in Lake Charles, LA can be a challenging and entertaining event for your corporate outing. Your employees will have to use their wits, logic and critical thinking skills to escape, all while having fun and working together.

 Choose us to help build relationships among your employees.


Benefits of team building activities

 Why should you take the time to organize a team building activity for your employees? You can see:

 1.     An improvement in productivity because your employees learn to work together

2.     An increase in motivation because the activity can foster confidence and a willingness to invest in the team’s success

3.     Better problem solving skills

4.     An increase in creativity

 Don’t miss out on the benefits your employees can gain from a 60-minute adventure in our escape rooms. Call today to schedule your session.